Mission / Motto

From Earth into space, for Earth

Ex terrā ad astra gratia terrae
We are a community of like-minded humans, endowed with mental and financial resources, aiming to carry the torch of consciousness of humanity into the universe. We believe that by doing so, humanity will inevitably better itself.

Core Beliefs

We foster and inspire talent

We believe that humanity is advanced by talented and motivated humans. We therefore pledge our support, financial and otherwise, to such individuals. The best way to predict the future is to help build it.

We are perennial students

Neverending learning is crucial to achieving our mission in a dynamic universe. We are enabled by science, inspired by arts, bound by ethics.

Diversity gives us strength as a team

Connecting the dots’ of different backgrounds, different viewpoints, different disciplines –but all in pursuit of the same mission– will increase our likelihood of success.

Our strategic time perspective is generational
Tactics may determine things like our current objectives or organizational form. However, our mission and values are for the very long-term.
Rather than thinking in lifetimes of typical companies, think in lifetimes of ancient universities or, if you are a sci-fi fan, Asimov’s Foundation.
Bonus: We work hard, we play hard

Our mission depends on people. We want them to lead happy, healthy and balanced lives.


We are based in the U.S., but invest globally.